The College of Heralds Imaginary began when a certain Principal Herald was out of the kingdom for a few days, and her heralds got up to some mischief while she was gone, starting with one Cathyn Fitzgerald claiming that he was the Mashie Tyrant of Arms.  This lead to a flurry of other heralds claiming alcohol and/or food related Herald Imaginary titles.

When Mashie Tyrant of Arms retired, the reins of power were seized by Ermine Stag Tyrant of Arms.  Afterwards, Ermine Stag was forced into an early retirement by Weeping Angel Tyrant of Arms and  Lorem Ipsem Benevolent Dictator of Arms who jointly direct the College to this day.  We have about a hundred heralds on the roster, with their varied and amusing titles, across nearly every kingdom in the Known World.

These days, we’re the not-so-secret society of heralds for the advancement of humor in heraldry.  We’re on Facebook, G+, here on this site, and we’re in your local College of Heralds.  We’re responsible for the April 1st LoI from the Imaginary Kingdom, and we’re working on new and fun ways to share heraldry with everyone.

We’re open to any herald who wants to join – we keep some things locked to College members so that we can plan our next escapades, but joining is easy!

13 thoughts on “About

  1. It is with a deep sense of forboding, and an air of melancholic saddness, that I, Pedair of Cloooin Beige, do claim, demand, and require that I bear the Title “Single-Malt Haggis Herald Imaginary”
    Oh! What have I done?

  2. I, too, am Atlantian and would like to join this illustrious (!) order. Saito Takauji, Samurabbi Pursuivant, can solemnly swear that I am up to no good.

  3. I hereby claim the title Mint Chocolate Chip herald in my wish to join this illustrious College. Why no one has wanted this timless classic is a mystery but bully for me 🙂 Lady Anna de Byxe in Drachenwald.

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