So long. . .and enjoy the lox!

Not too long ago, I received a message at my home in Calontir, attached to the tail of a pangolin, from my co-Tyrant of Arms, who it seems has been tapped for a mystical role of some odd importance in some sort of holiday wreath.  It read:

As many of you have no doubt become aware, I, Cormac Mor, Lorem Ipsum Benevolent Dictator of Arms, have been tapped to take on a role of similar importance, but with a much higher level of work and a lot less whimsy. To that end, I must regretfully cede my soft-meat crown and golden vuvuzela sceptre. I leave the College in the capable hands of my co-ruler and dear friend, Konstantia Weeping Angel Tyrant of Arms; long may she reign!

To which, I’d like to respond thusly: Bye Cormac! Don’t let the door hit you . . . I mean, enjoy your time with the big kids!  (really, though, in all fondness, it has been a blast having you as my co-Tyrant.)


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About Konstantia Kaloethina

I belong to the Society for Creative Anachronism, and there, I'm known as Konstantia Kaloethina, an Eastern Roman (Byzantinian) woman of the sixth century from Constantinople. I am proteged to Master Gabriel andvaka Kjotvason, and apprenticed to Mistress Bess Darnley. I'm an American of Irish, German, Burgundian, and Norwegian descent. I share Harry Potter's birthdate (July 31st, 1983). I typically score as INTJ (Myers-Briggs), and as a confirmed Five with a Four wing "Iconoclast" (Enneagram) type, with strong scores in Musical, Visual/Spatial, and Intrapersonal on the Multiple Intelligences test.

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