July Letter of Administrivia and Rumination

Summer swelters and in the air-conditioned shelters!  We bring you the July Letter of Administrivia and Rumination!

As you all may know, Marie Ermine Stag Tyrant of Arms has been overthrown stepped down from her long service.  We would like to thank her for her time as Tyrant, and hope that her new experiences with her new little herald will be full of many adventures.

Speaking of us, we would like to take this opportunity to introduce ourselves.

From the Kingdom of Calontir is Konstantia Kaloethina, Purple Falcon Herald and Weeping Angel Tyrant of Arms.  She likes writing filks, long walks on rocky beaches, and creating mass heraldic mayhem.

From the Kingdom of Caid is Cormac Mór, Crescent Principal Herald and Lorem Ipsum Benevolent Dictator of Arms.  He enjoys inflicting new heraldic charges on unsuspecting clients, waking up fighters nursing hangovers, and playing on the radio at Watch Point.

We’d like to welcome the latest Imaginators to the College Imaginary!  Snorri Hallsson joins as Fish ‘n Chips.  Gróa Úlfsdottir joins as Caffeinated Three-Toed Sloth.  Taran the Wayward joins as Huge Goblet.  Angharat Goch verch Gwenhover joins as Saucy Dish.  D’vorah bint Da’ud joins as Baalebustah.  Cainder ingen hui Chatharnaig joins as White Bacon.  Margaret Makafee joins as Ermine Vermin.

We would also like to note a couple of title changes.  Giata Alberti has changed her title from Combattant Chequy Unicorn to Fleurty, and relinquishes her previous title.  Andrewe Bawldwyn has relinquished Agave for Lindemanns.

Weeping Angel has just returned from her progress across North America, where she paid a visit to The Codfather, in the furthest Eastern reaches of the Crown Principality of Tir Mara.  There, a photo was taken of the rogue herald.  Who apparently comes with his own label.  (Weeping Angel would like to make demands herself of such a label, but alas, she does not live where The Codfather lives.)

The Codfather

In closing, we would like you all to begin contemplations for the April 1st Letter of Imagination …. it’s only seven months away, and while Potent Chief has been busy with the IGI (over 200 names!), we definitely would love to see more armoury.

Until next time –

Konstantia Weeping Angel Tyrant of Arms and Cormac Benevolent Dictator of Arms

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About Konstantia Kaloethina

I belong to the Society for Creative Anachronism, and there, I'm known as Konstantia Kaloethina, an Eastern Roman (Byzantinian) woman of the sixth century from Constantinople. I am proteged to Master Gabriel andvaka Kjotvason, and apprenticed to Mistress Bess Darnley. I'm an American of Irish, German, Burgundian, and Norwegian descent. I share Harry Potter's birthdate (July 31st, 1983). I typically score as INTJ (Myers-Briggs), and as a confirmed Five with a Four wing "Iconoclast" (Enneagram) type, with strong scores in Musical, Visual/Spatial, and Intrapersonal on the Multiple Intelligences test.

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