As seen in the Heralds Office waiting room

Ask your herald if Cants are right for you

Compendium posited on the Heralds Imaginary Group on Facebook (and then later crossposted to G+) the other day “Let’s pretend that an heraldic consultation table is like a doctor’s office. What would be the pamphlets and brochures available in the waiting room?”

Keep an eye out for these at heraldic consultation tables near you:

  • Have you talked with your children… about Labels?
  • 10 common misperceptions about Deep And Personal Meaning
  • That’s Not Tenne: Exploring Heraldic Addictions
  • How To Avoid Making Your Herald Cry: 10 Easy Steps
  • Life After Rayonny
  • Emergency Steps to Take if You Experience a Blazoned Pizzle for More Than Four Hours
  • Complexity Count: Eight Warning Signs
  • Ask your herald if an Individually Attested Pattern is right for you!
  • Semy? We can cure that for you!
  • Canting, A Rubric for the Rebus
  • Is it true love? How to know if this device is the one for you
  • Pean Management Techniques
  • 102 strategies for a SFPP-free device
  • Mommy, what’s a pizzle?: Heraldic education for kids
  • Sinking your Teeth into Denticulada
  • Résumé Heraldry. It doesn’t just hurt you. It hurts everyone.
  • Practice Safe Blazon!
  • Suffering from Fleury? New drugs may help you Counter-Fleury
  • A little Pale? Talk to us and we can billet!
  • Feeling a little azure? Ask your herald about ermine. See if it’s right for you!

…. and on the TV would be a continuous loop broadcast of ‘All My Persona Stories’.


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