Oh hai! I can haz scroll textz?

Because I Can

Once upon a time, someone mentioned to me the idea of writing a scroll text in LOLCAT.

They might have been giving me some samples of text they were suggesting using.

I might have made some suggestions.

They might have been used with minor changes.

My God What Have I Done

Here follows the final text:

o hai. Heer now wordz of [Baron] an [Baroness], baron an baronez of Caer Galen. Singin bird  iz singin swete an powarzful, liek grate artzens of Caer Galen r grate. [Recipient] iz graet artzen. Wez recknizin her mad skilz an admitin her to tha Order of tha Golden Nightingale. Wez done did this [Date]th May minus one month, in tha [Year]th yeer of tha Sociatay, whitch wez knowz as [Year].

I’m hopeful that someday we’ll get a picture of the final piece.

Don’t Try This At Home, Kids

Disclaimer: This scroll was highly nonstandard and was only undertaken with the full approval of the Baron and Baroness.  As a general thing, LOLCAT is not recommended for scrolls.


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