ABCs of Heraldry

A for the Arms that we help you submit

This is a little ditty started by Compendium and added to by Ermine Oreo, Soylent Vert, and Baklava.

A, for the Arms that we help you submit.
B, for the Baldric that doesn’t quite fit.
C, for the Cant that makes everyone groan.
D, for Displaying the arms that you own.
E, for Escutcheon, the shape of a shield.
F, for Feathers, on things the Prince sealed.
G, for the groans we try to suppress
H, for Heraldry, see? We are the best.
I, for Imaginary, the humor arm fell
J, for Joscelyn, round torse with bell
K, for Kraken, now calamari
L, for Laurel, sovereign of the barmy.
M, for Mon, Mullets, and Minor changes
N, for Naiant and Names, rarely exchanged
O, for OSCAR, that prime bit o land
P, for our Pelican, armoring rules with a brand
Q, for Quarterly, not pale or point on
R, for Rampant, the confusion we spawn
S, for Semy, for fields of stuff lots and lots
T, for Tourneys and Titles and Things to be fought
U, for Ululant, a howling wolf to be feared
V, for Volant – charges flying there and here
W, for Wreath, devices and badges ruled
X, for eXcellency, His or Her, you too?
Y, for Yale, a fearsome horned beastie
Z, for Zule, not the fridge but chess piece-y.

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