August Letter of Administrivia and Rumination

Survived Pennsic.  Still Not King.

As the temperatures fall, and the submissions heralds are groaning under the weight of Pennsic Letters of Intent, it’s time for another Letter of Administrivia and Rumination.

Firstly, I’d like to welcome the latest Imaginators to the College Imaginary!  Tyrfingr von Wolfsburg joins us as Scotch and Branch Water Herald Imaginary.  Eldrich Gaiman joins us as Fieldless Herald Imaginary. Woot!  Woot!

Relatedly, congratulations are in order for our very own Grumpy Bear, who was offered admittance to the Order of the Pelican.  Woot!  Woot!

Secondly, I’d like to note a title change.  Jibr’il `Attar is changing his HI title to Whipped Chocolate Pudding Herald Imaginary, and relinquishing his claim to Godfather Lasagna HI.

Thirdly, we’ve got a start on the April 1st Letters list, but it is definitely not complete.  That is, the list of all the April 1st Letters currently available online.  What’s needed is a list with kingdom, year, and link for the Letter itself.  It would be awesome to include the ones that aren’t in OSCAR.  If you’d be willing to do some research to help complete that list, comment here or email Ermine Stag.

In closing, I urge you all to begin contemplations for the April 1st Letter of Imagination …. it’s only seven months away, and it takes time to cultivate those bits of whimsy and fluff.

Ermine Stag Tyrant of Arms


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